Hey! It’s Pat and I wanted to do a simple and easy breakdown of all the stuff I use to stay healthy, keep off 350 lbs of weight loss and make my days easier.


Even after learning so much about healthy eating and how to lose the weight, I still to this day use a meal plan. It keeps making decisions on what to eat a hang up for me each day and I know I’m eating on track. And yes, I do use the plans my nutritionists make!

Interested in your own plan? Click here


Hydration plays a large role in health. Being dehydrated makes it harder to lose weight and can send false hunger signals. I carry a gallon of water around with me everywhere I go. I enjoy having a nice carrying sleeve where I can keep my phone, wallet and keys when I work out.

Get your own gallon gear here.


While I don’t think supplements are right for everyone at every step of losing weight, I know many people want to take them or hit that step eventually. I use certain supplements everyday. I explain all of my favorites in this blog.

If you want to directly get to supplements and know what you want, click here.

Working Out

My gym is EOS. There are many possible options that are in a lot of places around the country. One of these is likely to be near you.

Planet Fitness
Lifetime Fitness
LA Fitness
Anytime Fitness
Gold’s Gym
Orange Theory
24 Hour Fitness
Local YMCA or YWCA

Meal Prep

Meal prepping was a pivotal point in my weight loss. It allowed me to nourish my body, make the right choices and lose the weight with less time and less stress. I meal prep based off my meal plan but you can just start meal prepping in general. Here are some of my meal prepping tools.

Meal Prep Containers
Lunch Bag
Lunch Cooler
Sharp Knife
Cutting Board
Frying Pan
Rice Cooker

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