Whole Foods Diet

Eating clean with whole foods is an easy way to start losing weight with not much stress. You only have a few guidelines, and they focus on picking better options at each meal. In the simplest version, you would not worry about strict macro or calorie counting.

This way of eating focuses on eating foods in their most natural state and steering away from processed foods. When you focus on eating clean with whole foods you automatically provide your body with better nutrition and naturally eat fewer calories throughout the day. This then causes you to lose weight without counting every calorie and macro that you consume.

This diet is straightforward, and it’s the one I started with. It has the least amount of rules to adhere to, and it made it easy for me to stick with it.

What is Eating Clean, or the Whole Foods Diet?

The whole foods diet is also referred to as eating clean by many people who are on it. Whatever you decide to call it, the principles are the same. The idea is to eat foods in their most natural, least processed form possible. For example, veggies before they are made into pot pies, potatoes before they are made into casseroles, fruit before they are turned into desserts or pop tarts and grains before they become some baked good.

There is some level of processing to almost every food we eat, including the conventional fruits and veggies we buy at the market, as many of them are scrubbed clean and sprayed before they get to the store to keep them looking their best. But this isn't the level of processing we are focusing on. Instead, we want to focus on avoiding foods that are overly processed and include ingredients that are harmful or have been processed to remove part of the nutritional value of the food.

Benefits of Eating Clean, Whole Foods

  • Weight Loss - People who switch to eating clean tend to see significant weight loss as they improve their nutritional intake and eliminate empty calories from their diet. When eating clean, you tend to be less hungry and more satisfied throughout the day, while also naturally eating less food and fewer calories.
  • Improves Insulin Resistance - Because you are no longer eating processed food, your sugar intake will be significantly lower, which will improve your insulin resistance as your body will experience less drastic insulin spikes throughout the day.
  • Increases Energy - You will have more natural energy when eating clean and fewer crashes throughout the day. Your energy will come from the foods you’ve eaten because you are naturally fuelling your body, rather than consuming high amounts of carbs and artificial ingredients. These artificial ingredients and added sugars are what lead to crashing and feelings of fatigue.

Who is Eating Clean, Whole Foods Right for?

Eating clean is right for everyone. If you are not already eating clean, then switching to clean, whole foods will significantly improve your weight loss and your health.

Processed foods can be harmful to your health, and long-term consumption can lead to disease and early death. Getting into the habit of only eating clean foods can significantly improve your overall health and quality of life.

Eating clean can also be incorporated into any nutritional diet or weight loss program that you choose to follow, as most strategies that work will frown on eating processed food as it is counterproductive.

Should You Try Eating Clean?

If you are not already eating clean, then yes, you should be doing this. Eating clean is the method that I started with before I understood how to strategize my diet to meet my goals. This was the easiest one for me to follow, even though it may not have been the strategy that would have worked the quickest on its own.

If you already have my Approved Foods List, this is what it is based on; clean foods that I ate in the beginning to lose the weight that I lost. If you don’t already have this, I encourage you to download it and use it to improve the foods that you are consuming and eliminate processed foods from your diet.

And if you want to dial in and lose weight faster, I encourage you to get on a Custom Meal Plan and let a nutritionist help you figure out what foods you should be eating in the correct amounts so that you lose weight faster.

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