Challenge Details

June 17, 2019: Challenge Starts

Make sure you complete the steps below.

June 24, 2019: Before Photos Due

Submit your photos to be eligible for the prizes.

August 11, 2019: Challenge Ends

It will be here before you know it, so show up and take action every day.

August 14, 2019: After Photos Due

Submit your after photos to show off your amazing results and to be eligible for the prizes.

Next Steps

Complete These Important Steps Now...


Step 1: Join Our Private Facebook Group

There is going to be a point in your future where you're going to look back and realize that being part of a community of people committed to losing the weight made the difference between success and failure.

NOTE: Make sure you enter the same email address you just used to register for the challenge so we can confirm your request.

It may take a few days for us to approve your request (but it will be worth it).


Step 2: Fill Out Your Nutrition Questionnaire

My nutritionist is creating custom meal plans in the order she receives competed questionnaires. Following a custom meal plan definitely gives you an advantage in the challenge, so submit your questionnaire ASAP.


Step 3: Submit Your "Before" Photos by June 19, 2019

You must submit your "Before" photos by June 19th if you want to be eligible for the challenge prizes. Nobody likes doing this - it's just something you need to do if you want to win. Here’s how to send your pictures:

  1. Use the “Before” sign attachment in each of the photos.  Click here to open it. You can hold it on your phone or print it off and hold it.
  2. Use an all-white, clutter free background; this gives you the best chance to win) - the clearer the picture the easier it is for our judges. And, if possible have someone take the picture for you.
  3. Take three (3) photos - a clear front, back, and side picture.
  4. Submit your photos using the form below. If you don't see the form, click here.


Step 4: Find Your Login Information For Team Possible

Check your email and your SPAM folder for an email from [email protected] - it has your login information so you can login to this site (

This site has recipes, grocery guides, BMR calculators, and daily workouts that will help you if you will use them (so use them!).

If you have any trouble finding your login, use the forgot password link or email us at [email protected] 


Step 5: Download Your Workout Guide

Click here to find out more and to download the Possible Plan workout guide.


Step 6: Mark Your Calendar For Weekly Check-Ins

Mark your calendar. Every Friday morning (your time) is check-in day.  Send front, back, and side photos along with your weight and your questions to [email protected].

 I will be checking this email during this 8 week challenge, so make sure you send your Friday morning check-in.

When You Finish, Check Out Team Possible

Losing weight and keeping it off isn't easy, but it is possible! I created this challenge and Team Possible to make it as easy as I could, so get started...


Your nutrition is a huge lever that can help you achieve your results or totally derail you. Check out the different types of eating plans and custom nutrition options.

Recipes & Meal Planner

Whether you're an experienced chef or have never cooked before in your life, I've got your back. Check out the delicious recipes and convenient meal planner.

Daily Workouts

Log in everyday and get the workout of the day. Working out everyday will help you burn more calories and can help improve your mood and confidence.

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